Program of the Year

This award is designed to recognize an outstanding Cardiac or Pulmonary Rehab program in the state of Nebraska.  It is an opportunity to recognize a program that has demonstrated excellent service to their patients, their leadership ability, and their commitment to NCVPRN.  The recipient will be awarded one year paid access to the Registry.  All applications will be reviewed by the current NCVPRN board members.  Applications must be received by August 31 and the winner will be announced at the annual fall conference.


  1. Must be an active member of NCVPRN.
  2. Must be a certified program.

The application includes:

  1. A description of activities during National Cardiac Rehab Week &/or National Pulmonary Rehab Week that promoted heart &/or pulmonary health and education with their participants, community, or hospital.
  2. A description of leadership in regards to cardiac &/or pulmonary rehab. (This could be involvement with legislative initiatives, promotion of cardiac/pulmonary rehab in the community, or presentations to professional groups).
  3. A description of involvement and commitment to NCVPRN. (This could be as a board or committee member, active involvement in promotion of cardiopulmonary rehab, or involvement with legislative issues).


The Executive Board would like to invite each of you to nominate your peers (or yourself) who you feel have demonstrated outstanding involvement in NCVPRN. The three categories include: New Member Award, Committee Member of the Year Award, and Distinguished Member of the Year.   Applications must be received by August 31 and these members will be honored at the Fall Conference.

You are welcomed to nominate someone for each of the three categories.

  • The New Member (Rookie) Award is designed to acknowledge a member who has joined the NCVPRN Joint Affiliate within the past 5 years. During this time, they have demonstrated a strong commitment to our network. This individual regularly attends all conferences, takes an active role in the AACVPR membership/webcasts, and offers to help with activities of NCVPRN. Ideally, they have been a part of a committee or have shown commitment to our organization through other avenues (assisting with conference planning/CCRP/Program Certification, etc).

  • The Committee Member Award is presented to a member who has been active on one or more committees in the NCVPRN Joint Affiliate/AACVPR. This person takes on additional responsibilities within the network by completing their assignments, regular attendance at meetings &/or teleconferences, attending NCVPRN Conferences, and being willing to take on tasks that help promote the work of NCVPRN. They may have served either as a committee member or chairman of a committee, during which time they remain committed to excellence in their work and follow the bylaws of NCVPRN.

  • The Distinguished Member Award is bestowed upon a member who has made significant contributions to the NCVPRN Joint Affiliate/AACVPR. This person has served on committees (either as a member or chairman), has served in leadership roles (as executive board or committee chairman), attends state &/or national conferences on a regular basis, and is committed to advancing Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab in our state and on a national level. This individual may have also served AACVPR as a committee member or officer. They are known to others through their leadership, enthusiasm, and dedication to NCVPRN/AACVPR.

  • Please complete the nomination form below and include the SPECIFIC CONTRIBUTIONS of the nominee to the NCVPRN.

Our organization has had numerous members that have given of their time and talents 

Vicki Lindberg-Fremont
Karen Hardy-Omaha
Pam Gaines- Omaha
Gayla Oakley-Albion
Lora Rutt-Franklin
Angie Swantek-Albion
Pam Robertson-Lincoln
Jane Swartz – Omaha
Jan Williams – Hastings

Buddy Goodenkauf - Lincoln

Thank you for your service and contributions!