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Program Committee

Pam Gaines (Chair)    402-599-3435   
Michelle Christiansen (Chair) 402-758-5712
Cyndi Younds 402-367-1255
Diana Novak 402-727-3329   
Claudia Stolinski   402-552-2241   
Judi Bors 402-826-6546
Lora Rutt   308-425-6221
Heartland Cardiopulmonary Rehab. Network Committee
Vicki Lindberg(Co-chair) 402-685-7535
Jane Swartz (Co-chair) 402-552-2241

This committee shall, in coordination with the Executive Board, prepare and arrange the general meetings, and other educational programs.  This includes arrangements for spring and fall conferences, meeting locations, educational programming, evaluations and continuing education units.  The President shall appoint the chairperson who may appoint the committee members.

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