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Outcomes Committee

Pam Robertson (chair) 402-219-8717
Cindy Younds 402-367-1255
Sandy Koenig 402-859-5812
Kate Jones


Nancy Leisy 308-762-4357
Angie Swantek 402-395-3149
Lynn Macken 308-630-1138
Tina Bishop 402-572-2198

This committee shall be responsible for promoting education and the implementation of outcomes measures along with providing abstracted reviews of pertinent scientific literature and facilitating and/or coordinating research projects within the network. Outcome measures will be emphasized as being valuable information for improvement of quality care, accreditation, program certification, and reimbursement.  Education and promotion by the committee will be provided via the newsletter, workshops, and individual program consultation. Reviews are to be submitted to the editor of the newsletter one-month prior to each publication.  Reviews should be related to the field of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. The President shall appoint the co-chairpersons who may appoint the committee members

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